We love getting to know our clients, and helping them thrive. We have established a broad clientele from the financial, retail, graphic arts, marketing and advertising, and high tech industries, all through word of mouth. We will gladly send you a complete list of clients and/or projects upon request.


“In an ever-changing media landscape, Bravo has various needs and often works on quick deadlines, but does not want to sacrifice quality. Working with Produktion is a perfect fit because they offer the guidance, expertise, flexibility and perfection Bravo requires. Whether large scale, high profile jobs or smaller ones, Produktion gives equal attention and can handle all of our needs for high-end printing, custom premiums and fulfillment, corporate collateral and one-of-kind materials, making us look great every step of the way, all while being a pleasure to work with! ”
-Stacy Sarnoff , Bravo
Sr Director, Production


“Go to the dictionary and look up “integrity” and you will find Produktion Inc. Quite simply, they NEVER let you down. Each project is delivered with an unsurpassed work ethic, professionalism, expertise, quality, and follow-through. In the 20 years that we have worked with founder Joe Primiano, his team has continuously delivered on every project – even when asked to perform herculean feats. They are truly partners in every sense of the word. ”
-Fox + Gazelle


“I discovered Produktion through a colleague 5 years ago and haven’t looked back since.  They can work with any and all production timelines and even when in a rush they work lightning fast with precision.  High quality work, great advisors on creative solutions, and all around nice guys.  Produktion is top notch and I highly recommend.”
-Christine Giffin, Senior Marketing Manager, WebMD